10 Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat

You are probably aware that eliminating junk food from your diet is essential for losing body fat. However, some “healthy” foods contain far more calories, fat and sugar than you might think. These difficult “diet destroyers” can limit your ability to lose weight and stay healthy. Discover our guide to these 20 foods and don’t let them spoil your diet.1. Yogurt


Plain yogurt is a perfect healthy option with only 100 calories. Yogurt can also be loaded with sugar. A portion of a typical yogurt with fruit at the bottom of the cup contains 26 grams of sugar.

It is a lot The recommended daily value for women is only 25 grams and for men 37 grams. Therefore, you can have used up your daily sugar intake with just one yogurt! Healthy option: Always check the ingredients when buying yogurt. Avoid flavor additives and sugar. The general rule of thumb is: the fewer ingredients, the better.


2. Veggie Burgers

Vegetables are healthy. And vegetarian burgers are also healthy if they are prepared correctly.

However, restaurants often do unhealthy things for vegetarian burgers when they cook them. Burgers are loaded with oils, butter, fried onion rings, mayonnaise and cheese. As a result, you can consume more fat and cholesterol than eating a traditional meat patty.

Healthy option: when you order your vegetable burger, order fresh, un-fried vegetables, not mayonnaise, and eat some cheese.


3. Smoothies

Smoothies can be extremely healthy. However, some food chains market smoothies with a high sugar content as healthy food. Chocolate, artificially flavored syrups, or frozen yogurt when added to a smoothie can reduce the health benefits of other ingredients.

Healthy option: handle the ingredients in your smoothie carefully. A healthy shake can only contain simple fruits and vegetables, plain yogurt, ice cream, milk or protein powder. Make sure there is nothing artificial in it.


4. Avocado

Avocados are superfoods that are loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, fiber and healthy fats. However, people who look at calories should be careful with avocados. A single avocado contains over 350 calories. Many people eat whole avocado or more as a snack without knowing how many calories they contain.

This happens when you eat avocados every day Healthy option: leaving half an avocado for the next meal may not be appealing. Avocados tend to brown when rusted. When this happens, just scrape off the top layer and eat the green part. To avoid this, cover your avocado with a clear plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator.


5. Whole Milk

Milk can be good for your body. It’s a great source of calcium, protein, and vitamins A and D.

Be careful with whole milk. A glass of milk can contain 8 grams of fat and 150 calories!

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Healthy option: opt for low-fat skim milk. It will significantly reduce your calorie intake while maintaining healthy benefits.


6. Cheese

Cheese, like milk, is dairy and can be an excellent source of calcium and protein.

However, cheese is high in fat and high in calories. One ounce (28 grams) of Cheddar cheese contains 9 grams of fat and more than 100 calories.

Healthy option: reduce your portion size. Go for cheese like feta or goat cheese. They contain fatty acids that help you feel full and burn fat.


7. Whole Wheat Bread

This is probably one of the most surprising. There are many whole grain breads that are processed in the same way as white flour bread.

Why are these breads bad for your body? They digest easily processed grains and their blood sugar tips. As a result, calories are stored as fat instead of muscles.  Healthy option: Look for “100% whole grain bread”.

8. Tofu

Many vegetarians like tofu. Similar to vegetarian burgers, it is healthy on its own. However, many recipes require fatty oils to cook it. As a result, you consume a lot of calories and fat.

Healthy option: cut the oils when making tofu.


9. Burritos

Burritos are convenient. You can include many healthy ingredients in your packaging.

However, you should remember the calories in the omelet, which can be up to 300 calories. You can also get calories from sour cream, cheese and fatty meats.

Healthy option: opt for a burrito bowl instead of the omelet. Otherwise, choose an integral omelet option. Also choose lean chicken, black beans, brown rice, and vegetables.

10. Cereal

The choice is crucial when it comes to cereals … you can get a perfect meal with fiber, protein and whole grains. Or you can fill your stomach with sugar and sodium.

Healthy choice: read the list of ingredients and nutritional information for the cereal you want to buy. If possible, stay below 8 grams of sugar per serving and make sure the grain contains at least 3 grams of fiber. Whole grain is always a better option.